Lymph Drainage Therapy

Lymph Drainage Therapy involves stimulating and moving fluids through your lymphatic system using gentle touch. The lymphatic system is a fluid system that circulates throughout your body in parallel to your cardiovascular system. It covers almost the same area as the circulatory system, and is connected, circulating back through the heart.

The lymphatic system has several important jobs. Its first function is to take care of excess fluid that cannot be reabsorbed through the capillary bed. It also removes cellular waste and infectious materials, and brings these to the lymph nodes. The killer cells of the immune system are primarily stored in the lymph nodes, where they break down the waste and take care of infections. When you have an infection, you often get swollen lymph nodes, and this is an indication that your body’s immune system is doing its job.

The lymph system drains spaces between the cells, where cells expel toxins and infectious material. The body then sends these materials through what is known as the body’s water sheds, or areas of drainage, to a grouping of lymph nodes. The majority of lymph nodes can be found in the abdominal cavity surrounding your organs, and also in your neck, armpits and groin areas.

When you have a lymph blockage, lymph fluid can become backed up resulting in edema, or swelling. Lymphodema is a more serious clinical problem with chronic swelling. Swelling can be associated with pain and decreased mobility and is a sign of inflammation in the body. The primary reason this backup happens is that the lymphatic system is not able to carry the fluid away as fast as it is being produced, thus resulting in a buildup. Lymph drainage therapy can assist your body in helping to restore this flow.

When the lymphatic system is unable to carry the waste and infectious materials away quickly enough, this can cause swelling and sometimes even a backup of lymph. Chuck works from the nearest lymph nodes and away, thus encouraging the backed up lymph to drain. These techniques can also be used to restore the flow of lymph if there has been a trauma or surgery that causes a blockage.

Hydration is extremely important in lymph drainage. Good quality water assists your body in removing toxins from your system and achieving optimal health. When you are dehydrated, it makes it more difficult for your body to eliminate toxins. In fact, nearly 50% of all chronic health problems have dehydration as a component, and the only way to address this is to drink adequate quantities of pure clean water. The importance of proper hydration cannot be overstressed, and all clients are required to be well hydrated when undergoing lymph drainage therapy.

Lymph drainage therapy has many benefits, including
• Improved body detoxification
• Improved appearance of skin and reduced appearance of wrinkles
• Improved functioning of the sinuses
• Decreased appearance of cellulite
• Increased rate of weight loss
• Improved functioning of internal organs
• Reduced stress
• Improved immune system function

Lymph Drainage therapy is not appropriate for everyone. Those with congestive heart problems are not good candidates for lymph work, because it stresses the heart by increasing the fluid load on the heart.

Chuck received his training in Lymph Drainage therapy through the Upledger Institute, a leader in lymph drainage instruction.

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